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The need of translation in Mekong Delta is increasing with a lot of companies, which makes customers confused about the quality of translators. The question is how to find a prestigious translation company


Read this in Vietnamese: Dịch thuật tại ĐBSCL – Tiêu chí dịch thuật Thiên Minh

1. Use good style and express fluently. This is the most important element of a translation, helping the reader save time.

2. Use specialized words exactly. Choosing suitable specialized words is very necessary. Because Vietnamese is very rich and varied, so a word can have different meanings in different fields. Therefore, for efficient translation, we should notice the object that is mentioned in the translation.

3. Use popular structure to make the translation coherently and clearly, and explain the acronyms of the original.

4. Use the same format of the original for the translation. This action shows the respect to customers and responsibility of the translator.

5. Choose the prestigious translation company. This is the basis to receive the high quality translation.


Criteria of high quality translation - Mekong Delta translation


Translation time is commited

This is a crucial element for rating a service. Give deadline to receive the complete translation. Moreover, remember to avoid shortening the deadline in order not to pay more money or got less quality translation.

Besides, you can compare the translation time of this company with the orther.

Translators and interpreters are trained professionally

A professional translation unit needs to train and build a team of translators who are proficient at some foreign languages such as English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean… and use Vietnamese fluently. Furthermore, a good translator need to learn and acquire new cultures around the world to handle every situation in a flexible way.

The translation can meet all requirements

This is the most important element that customers consider about when choosing a service. Quality affects the reputation and prestige of a company deeply. Customers can check this by sending a short test for the company to translate.

The price is reasonable with many preferential after sales programs.

Besides a quality translation, a company with reasonable prices and many after sales incentives will always be the first prior choice to attract customers.

The service is varied

Today, there are many companies that offer a wide range of translation services, including translation, visa application, travel, legalization and consular certification, or even specialized documents: translation of construction materials, economic, accounting and auditing,…To interpretation, there are some services such as: simultaneous interpretation, book translation, websit translation,…


About us

Thien Minh Translation & Consulting team members have collaborated up to offer a unique service to foreign business operators interested in entering into Vietnam market. We provide Meeting Interpreting, Document Translation/Localization, Market Research, Investment Consulting, and B2B Networking services that ensure the successful entry of your services and products locally.

If you are seeking such solutions for your business demands, Thien Minh Translation and Consulting is the answer for you. We have the capabilities to not only localize all of your products and services, translate all of your messages and documentation, but also capably help you connect with your potential partners in our country.

Diverse services

Thien Minh has a team of translators and interpreters with over 10 years of experience who are able to translate / interpret in many fields like finance – banking, law, science and technology,…

  • Translation Service: General Document Translation, Specialized Document Translation, Websit Translation,…
  • Interpreting Service: On-site Interpreting, Simultaneous Interpreting, Whispered Interpreting,…
  • Investment Conection: Conect Business to Business (B2B)
  • Market Research: Collecting Data – Making Report – Building Marketing Strategy
  • Consulting Business: Establishing new Business, Writing Tax & Financial Report.
  • English for Kids and Teens: English programs for Primary, Secondary & High schools, and English communication.


Thien Minh Translation and Consultion provides service in over 40 languages - Mekong Delta Translation
Thien Minh Translation and Consultion provides service into 40 languages – Mekong Delta Translation

Translation Service in Mekong Delta

To provide more benefits for customers, beside the office in Ho Chi Minh City, Thien Minh TC has expanded translation and consulting services in many provinces in Mekong Delta such as Ca Mau, An Giang, Phu Quoc and Can Tho,…

Contact us


  • Can Tho City: 610 Ba Muoi Thang Tu street, Ninh Kieu District
  • Ho Chi Minh City: District 1,Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam



PHONE: 0986.912.405

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